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Kinvara Carnival – 1961

Connacht Tribune 24th June, 1961 p6

Kinvara G.A.A.
Kinvara G.A.A.

Kinvara’s Big Day
Sunday marks the opening of Kinvara Carnival which runs for three weeks and ends with the opening of the £3,500 Gaelic pitch which, with previous carnivals, it helps to pay for.
Begun three years ago this new pitch, the only enclosed playing pitch in the South Board area, requires only a successful carnival “run” to clear it of debt.
The Carnival opens on Sunday at Kinvara Pier at 5 p.m. when the Kinvara Dramatic Society arrives by boat and performs a pageant based on an adaptation of Lady Gregory’s “Rising of the Moon” by Mrs Thomas Donnellan, N.T. At the conclusion of the performance the Queen of the Pageant will be crowned and a fancy dress parade will take place through the streets of the town.
The dancing marquee is the main attraction of the Carnival and a Fancy Dress Ball will be held on Tuesday night, July 4th.
The new G.A.A. pitch will be formally opened on Sunday, July 16th when two games will be played, one between Fohenagh, 1960 County Champions, and Liam Mellowes.
The St. Patrick’s Brass Band, Galway, will be in attendance for the occasion.



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