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Galway – 1894

Irish Examiner 24th September, 1894Clad

A repetition of the disorderly scenes which are the outcome of the street preaching nuisance took place in Galway on Friday. A fair was being held when the preachers commenced, and during the proceedings a crowd kept up whistling and groaning. The thoroughfares leading to the National and Provincial Banks to the railway were blocked by a large force of police drafted into town. Traffic was stopped on the west and east sides of the Square. A number of carts of grain and floats of merchandise to be sent by rail and other vehicles had to stand from the time the preaching commenced till it finished, and would not be allowed to pass. The police were remonstrated with for obstructing the thoroughfare and preventing traffic, but it was no use. It is stated the carriers intend to take proceedings against those in command of the police for preventing them from doing their business. The citizens are greatly annoyed at the likelihood that they will be obliged to pay for the extra police force drafted into town every time the preaching farce goes on.