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Mother Mary – 1908
Barrier Miner 20th November, 1908 p6


The death is announced form Gort Convent, county Galway, of Mother Mary Aloysius Doyle, the last of the 16 nuns of the Order of Mercy, who left Ireland in Decemlier, 1854, to assist Florence Nightingale in nursing the Soldiers in the Crimea. She was 94 years of age. She was summoned to Windsor several years ago by the late Queen Victoria to be decorated, but was too old to undertake the journey. Her sister, aged 90, a nun in the same convent, still survives.

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The Warning – 1847

Sydney Chronicle 16th October, 1847

O'Connell,   MP for Clare 1828 - 1930 Painting by Bernard Mulrenin 1836
MP for Clare 1828 – 1930
Painting by Bernard Mulrenin 1836

The Warning

Hear you not that wild wind moaning,
Shrieking o’er our withered land?
Hear you not our mountains groaning
To tell us sorrow is at hand?
See you not our people dying.
Young and old are swept away ;
The proud and strong around are lying,
Ere life ebbs out they turn to clay!

Hear you not that Ocean storm?
Convulsed Atlantic shows her sorrow:
See you not that shipwreck’d form?
All, all portends of grief to-morrow.
List, oh list, the Banshee crying
Around the walls of Derrynane;
Away from us our Chieftain’s dying,
The Mileslan dirge her midnight wail.

Alas! alas! the morn looks sad,
The sun lies hid behind yon cloud,
In deepest dye of mourning clad,
Close wrapped as in a grave-like shroud.
Hush, oh hush, all hearts are breakiig
Weep, oh weep, his spirit’s fled.
Hark! a mighty voice is speaking
“Slaves, your friend O’Connell’s dead.”

Poland grieved o’er Kosciusko’s pall;
Columbia wept her Washington;
Each nation’s mourned her hero’s fall,
Proud England still has Wellington;
But ours – oh ours – the wide worlds’ friend,
In every clime the tyrants’ dread;
What slaves shall now know sorrow’s end,
Their champion all, O’Connell’s dead.

Yes; his fall through every clime will ring,
The myriads shout his hallowed praise;
And those will weep his funeral song,
Who heeded not his glorious rays;
Aye, they will seek a borrowed fame,
As earth is brightened by the sun;
And those will claim O’Connell’s name!
Whose every deed his bosom wrung.

J. N. F, Bungendore, October 5, 1847.

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Gort – 1912

"Cracked and splintered hurley"   Jeff Meade Philadelphia, US   Wikimedia Commons
“Cracked and splintered hurley”
Jeff Meade Philadelphia, US
Wikimedia Commons

The Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia)

13th March, 1912 p9. (abridged)

Yesterday a band of men hiding on both sides of the road at Gort in County Galway, fired at six men on their way home from a hurling match.  All the men were injured, two of them seriously.  No arrests have been made.

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Kinvarra Cailíns – 1924

Burren Gentian Photo: Friedrich Böhringer  Wikimedia Commons -
Burren Gentian
Photo: Friedrich Böhringer Wikimedia Commons –

“Black as the storm frown of Cruachan;

glossy as the shimmer of sun-glad Corrib;

trusty as the unclenching granite of Achil’s wave-vexed shore;

beauteous as the dream cailins of Kinvarra!

… In Connacht, some day they will be telling the tale of Grainne’s wondrous courage and tireless arrowy speed.

In Connacht they will twine garlands of bog-flower and shamrogue to deck your silky mane.

“Failte!” they will shout, to greet our return.”

The Catholic Press 30th October, 1924 p 49
Excerpt from Chpt XVII
The Sword of the O’Malleys by Justin Mitchell

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New Garden and Farm seeds – Loughrea – 1823

"Flower poster 2" by Alvesgaspar  Creative Commons
“Flower poster 2” by Alvesgaspar
Creative Commons

Connaught Journal
January 30 , 1823
New Garden & Farm Seeds.

Elizabeth Cloran of Loughrea respectfully informs the Customers of her House and the Public, that she has arrived to her from London, per the New Harmony for Dublin, her annual, extensive and general assortment of Garden, Farming, Flower Seeds, which she having imported from one of the most eminent Seedsmen in London, is enabled to recommend with perfect confidence.

She is also constantly supplied from the most respectable Druggists in Dublin, with every Genuine Medicine in the Apothecary business, to the compounding and dispensing of which the strictest care and attention is paid by a Gentleman, regularly qualified in that Profession. Oils, Colours, Horse, Cow, Sheep and Dog Medicine, and a choice selection of all the Patent Preparations from the Medical-Hall, 34, Lower Sackville-street, Dublin.

She hopes from her anxiety at all times to procure every Article of the best description, Her moderate charges, and the particular attention to the orders she may be favoured with to merit a continuance of that liberal patronage which she has experienced since her commencement in business.

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P M Glynn – Gort – South Australia – 1906

Patrick McMahon GLynn,
Patrick McMahon GLynn,

Freemans Journal 8th September, 1906 p14 (abridged)
Mr P M Glynn M.H.R, who has just turned 51, was born at Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland and graduated at Trinity College. He was first elected to the South Australian Assembly for Light in 1887 (Parliament). His recreations are given as ‘hunting, tennis’, but for tennis, handball may be substituted

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Marine Works – Kinvarra – 1905

Corpus Christi Procession Kinvara Quay c 1950 Cresswell Archives
Corpus Christi Procession Kinvara Quay c 1950
Cresswell Archives

Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland
Seventy-fourth Annual Report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ieland, with appendices for 1905-1906
2nd Ed. VII., c 24 p8
Since our last Report the only additional work taken in hands under the Marine Works Act, was that at Kinvarra, County Galway. The marine work at this place, comprising the restoration of the pier and wharf walls, together with a new storm wall and other minor improvements, was certified by Their Excellencies the Lords Justices under the Act in July 1905. It was put in hands at once under the direction of the Board’s own officers, and it has been satisfactorily completed since the close of the financial year.