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N.U.I.G – 1845

N.U.I. Galway
N.U.I. Galway

The Spectator 24th May, 1845 P9

The Roman Catholic Bishops met in Dublin on Wednesday, and took into consideration the Government bill for academical education.

It is understood that they object to the bill, because it does not place the religion and conduct of the pupils under the control of their religions instructors.  The final decision, as well as the meeting, was adjourned till Friday.

A public meeting for the town and county of Galway was held last week, to petition the Queen in favour of placing in that town (rather than in Cork) the intended Western College for the province of Connaught. The measure was generally approved by those present, both lay and clerical; but some guarantee for the moral and religious charge of the teachers was desiderated. The petition, however, was adopted by a large majority. Belfast and Derry are also con- tending, for the Northern College.