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Curious facts relative to Saturday – 1849


 Birth of 'The Nation' Charles Gavin duffy, Thomas Osborne Davis and John Blake Dillon.

Birth of ‘The Nation’
Charles Gavin duffy, Thomas Osborne Davis and John Blake Dillon.

South Australian 23rd October, 1849 p4


State Prisoners

On a review of the past fourteen months, the following extraordinary facts will be observed in reference to the state prisoners and the sixth day of the week:

On a Saturday John Mitchell was arrested, on Saturday he was found guilty, on Saturday he was sentenced to transportation, and on Saturday that sentence was carried into effect.
On a Saturday Charles G. Duffy was arrested. On a Saturday, after several months imprisonment, Mr Duffy was discharged from jail.
Mr John Martin and Kevin Izod O’Dogherty were arrested on a Saturday, both were tried on a Saturday, sentenced on a Saturday, and sent away last Saturday.
The Irish Tribune, The Nation and Felon newspapers started first on Saturday, and on Saturday were seized on.
On Saturday the affair at Ballingary took place, and on Saturday Smith O’Brien was arrested, his trial at Clonmel ending on a Saturday.
Messrs. Thomas F Meagher, Terence B. M Manns, and Patrick O’Donohoe, were arrested on a Saturday, their trials ended on a Saturday, and they were sen tenced on a Saturday.
John B. Dillon,Thomas D. Magee, Michael Doheny, Thos. D. Reilly, and some others made their escape from this country on a Saturday.
The habeas corpus suspension act be came law on a Satnrday.
There are a variety of minor events connected with the above, all of which happened on Saturdays, but as those detailed are the most prominent, we give them as curious facts.

Freeman’s Journal.