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Western Waterspout – 1788

Western Waterspout The Times 
May 20, 1788 On the 6th inst. between two and three in the afternoon, a water-spout of considerable diameter made its appearance between Adare and Barnakill-bridge in the county of Limerick in Ireland. This phenomenon, which is rather uncommon in Ireland, is described to have been of a spiral storm, … Continue reading

The Scold’s Bridle – 1887

THE NEWS-HERALD 29TH DECEMBER, 1887 P3 PUNISHING SCOLDS (abridged) Amongst the instruments of punishment introduced to Ireland was a kind of helmet formed of rods, a cage in fact, within which the heads of incorrigible scolding viragos were incased. Provision was made to stop any oral whirlwind of the patient by a counter tongue of … Continue reading

A rare find – 1788

The Times 
London, Middlesex, England 
July 17, 1788     A short time since as some labourers were clearing the race ground of Loughmore, near Limerick, they found a small brass box, containing a piece of parchment five inches square, on which is written the admission of a fellow or scholar at Mungret University, which was … Continue reading

The Hearth Tax – 1788

THE TIMES (LONDON) 28TH MARCH, 1788 (abridged) Mr. Conolly of Ireland has brought forward a motion for abolishing the tax upon HEARTHS, and the Irish Ministry will not oppose it. In Ireland, hearth-money is at this day more oppressive than ever it was in England. 
This tax has ever been hateful, and as the subject … Continue reading

An Extraordinary Occurrence – 1824

THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL 28TH OCTOBER, 1824 (abridged) EXTRAORDINARY OCCURRENCE The following singular occurrence which took place a few days since in the neighbourhood of Woodford, has excited a very considerable sensation there: Elizabeth C—, an interesting young woman about nineteen years of age, who lived in the service of _____ Forrest, Esq. a gentleman residing … Continue reading

The Burren Spa – 1824

CONNAUGHT JOURNAL SEPTEMBER 13TH, 1824 RURAL SPORTS – The crowds now at the Burren Spa are beyond any calculation in that country. – The numbers assembled to see the best Irish jig dancers was immense and the contest so equal between two of the fair competitors, that the judges could not decide between them, and … Continue reading

Sound advice – 1825

THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL January 3rd, 1825 WHEN TO LEAVE OFF DRINKING – When you feel particularly desirous to have another glass – leave off, you have had enough. When you look at a distant object, and appear to see two – leave off, you have had too much. When you knock over your glass, spill … Continue reading

The N67 – 1909

Tuam Herald 5th June 1909 Last week a young man named Moran, son of a herd in the employment of Mr. M. McDonogh, Galway, was fired at from behind a wall on the public road at Ballinderreen, near Gort. Moran was in company with two other cyclists who were returning from Kinyara. There were, it … Continue reading

The Connacht Tribune – 1909

Tuam Herald, June 5th 1909 The first issue of the “Connacht Tribune,” a new Nationalist weekly newspaper, published in Galway, is a promising initial number of eight pages of eight columns each. Its local news supply is extemely full and diversified, the type good, and the printing very legible. Mr. William O’Malley, M.P. begins in … Continue reading

Wreck at Roundstone – 1833

COLONIAL TIMES 11TH JUNE, 1833 Dreadful Wreck of the Oporto Transport.(abridged) At Clifden, in Galway, in December, a portion of a ship was seen floating near the entrance of Roundstone Bay. By the active exertions of the coast-guard, under the command of Lieutenant Hunter, R. N., it was secured. The following day, the remainder of … Continue reading


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