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An Extraordinary Occurrence – 1824

Wood Engraving by Elinor Monsell, on title page of 'Twenty One Poems' by Katherine Tynan, Dun Emer Press 1907 Wikimedia Commons
Wood Engraving by Elinor Monsell, on title page of ‘Twenty One Poems’ by Katherine Tynan, Dun Emer Press 1907
Wikimedia Commons

The following singular occurrence which took place a few days since in the neighbourhood of Woodford, has excited a very considerable sensation there: Elizabeth C—, an interesting young woman about nineteen years of age, who lived in the service of _____ Forrest, Esq. a gentleman residing at Woodford, in consequence of getting her feet wet, caught a severe cold, which brought on a fever. She was confined to her bed for several days, when she, to all appearance, died! An undertaker was sent for, and the next day, she was placed in a coffin. The intelligence of her supposed death was transmitted to her mother, an industrious woman, with a large family, who was almost broken-hearted at the melancholy tidings.
From her good conduct while in the service of Mr. Forrest, that gentleman resolved to defray the expenses of the funeral, which, it was arranged, should take place on Sunday last, a week after her supposed death. On that day, her mother, and several other relatives came to pay the last tribute of respect to her memory. Prior to the coffin being screwed down, they went to take a look at the body. One of them observed that she had not undergone the change usual on such occasions, and that her face appeared rather flushed. She suggested the propriety of sending for a surgeon, which was immediately done. He ordered her to be placed in a warm bath, and applied the remedies usually resorted to, to recover persons apparently drowned, and which were happily crowned with success! The young woman was so far recovered in a few hours to be able to speak, and is now in a fair way of recovery. The anxiety with which her friends witnessed the progress of the means resorted to for her restoration, and their joy at its success, may be more easily conceived than described.



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