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Patrick Pearse and the Kinvara hero – 1919

Tuam Herald 22nd February 1919 p.4

Patrick Pearse Wikimedia Commons
Patrick Pearse
Wikimedia Commons

Patrick Pearse was a barrister, but he may be said not to have practiced as he gave himself up to the work of education at which he was most successful. He once appeared in a Galway case. It was to defend the Kinvara Hero who, despite the law, persisted in having his name painted in Irish on his cart. The police prosecuted him and he was duly fined but he triumphed. Lady Gregory and Edward Martyn took up his case and Pearse ably fought it in the Dublin courts with the result that such stupid and silly prosecutions were abandoned and the brave Kinvara man, Bartley Hynes  became a hero in spite of himself.