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Notes on Kinvara – 1936

Connacht Tribune 4th January 1936 p 13

Kinvara Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

About the reign of Henry VIII Rory Mór Darag O’Shaughnessy took the Castle of Doon from Flan Killikelly, totally demolished it, and erected one near its site which he named Doongorey. In 1612 it became the property of Thomas Taylor, who encircled it with a strong baun or wall, and it is now in a good state of preservation.
On 1st of November 1755, the day of the earthquake at Lisbon, a castle on the western boundary of the parish, which had formerly belonged to the O’Heynes, was destroyed to its foundation and a portion of it swallowed up, and at the same time the chimneys and battlements of Caherglissane rocked and then fell into a chasm which was formed by rending the rock to the depths of several fathoms.
A quay about fifty yards long was build here in 1773 by the late J French Esq (great-grandfather of the present Baron de Basterot) which was lengthened and raised in 1807 and such an addition made to it in 1908 as converted it into a kind of dock. At high tide there is 12ft of water at the pier, which is then accessible to vessels of 150 tons burden.
There are some remains of the old church, which was for ages the burial-place of the O’Haynes and Magraths, no others being allowed to be interred within its walls. Near the shore are two extensive subterranean caverns. A castle stood near the pier, but its materials have been used in building.