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At the mercy of the waves – 1893

Irish Daily Independent 22nd May, 1893

Kinvara Bay Photo: Norma Scheibe
Kinvara Bay
Photo: Norma Scheibe

A report appeared in the Independent of the 29th April from the Cork Evicted Tenants’ Association, inquiring if there was any evicted tenants who did not get grants for the last twelve months.

I wish to inform you that I was evicted in 1887.  Immediately after the eviction I took forcible possession in presence of the sheriff and the evicting party. The property being in Chancery, I was arrested on an attachment order and sent to Galway Jail for twelve months, my wife and children keeping possession during my confinement. After my release I joined my wife and children, where were laid up with typhoid fever.  I was rearrested and sent back to jail for another twelve months. My wife was also arrested.

After my liberation the Kinvarra Branch of the National League made an application to the Central Branch in Dublin, and I received two grants in succession. Some time afterwards the Kinvarra Branch broke up, and since 1889 I was left to provide for a helpless family, and never since then got a penny from any quarter. At the late general election I was asked to vote for the McCarthyite. I refused to do so, and voted for the Parnellite. Some time after I got forms down from the Evicted Tenants’ Commission. I took them to the parish priest and he told me to take them to the Parnellites, that he would not do anything for me being one. I am now in a helpless condition, and am appealing to your association to do something for me. If not I will be left at the mercy of the waves.

Michael Treacy,
Co. Galway