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A sensational incident – 1911

Connacht Tribune 15th July, 1911 p.4 (abridged)

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

On Friday morning of last week, about 4.30 a.m., the mail car from Kinvara to Ballyvaughan was held up at Curranroo, Co. Clare, by an armed man, who sprang from behind a wall and, pointing a revolver at the driver, shouted, “Hands up,” and took possession of the horse and car.
The first intimation the driver got that anything was wrong was when he espied a wall built across the road a few hundred yards from Curranroo in the Newquay direction on top of a hill near the house of James McNerney. He was in the act of dismounting in order to remove the obstruction when a man, wearing a mask, with a slouch hat on one side of his head and a “speck” cap on the other, who had, evidently concealed himself in a sandpit for some time previously where he had an uninterrupted view of the Kinvara road and of the mail car approaching, sprang out on the road and presented a revolver heavily mounted, and obviously of an American type, and commanded the driver to walk towards Kinvara until the junction at Corker Hill – the boundary of Clare and Galway – was reached.  He drove off with the car and horse and made by the new line in the direction of Corofin.

The driver retraced his steps when he saw he was out of danger and reported the matter to the police at Newquay. The police immediately set out on bicycles and some of the letters were found scattered a few miles away at Funshin, and the other three bags were found near Cappamore, Kinvara.



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