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Election – 1895

Irish Examiner 12th July, 1895 p6 (abridged)

Irish Women
Members of the Irish Women Worker’s Union on the steps of Liberty Hall c. 1914 National Library of Ireland.

During the next three weeks the nation will be called upon to exercise the most momentous duty which can fall to the lot of citizens, viz., the choice of Parliamentary representatives who shall guide the destinies of the men and women of the country.
Vital interests are involved in the coming struggle, but the question of greatest importance which concerns all sections and all parties (for it deals with special needs of the larger portion of the nation) is the demand for the removal of the political disabilities of women. We trust this is the last General Election at which women will have to stand outside the pale of citizenship.
The Women’s Franchise League most strongly and earnestly appeals to all lovers of justice and freedom to use every effort during this election for the removal of the disabilities which press so heavily on the women of this nation.
Ursula M. Bright, Hon, Sec.



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