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Blythe, Mellowes and Monaghan – 1916

Irish Examiner 28th March, 1916 p.6

Liam Mellows
Irish Independent 31st October, 1917 p5Dublin, Monday

It has been stated that Mr. Ernest Blythe and Mr. Liam Mellowes, organisers of the Irish Volunteers, who are in custody of the military authorities in Arbour Hill Barracks, have been notified that within six days they will be sent to a district in the English midlands.
A similar notification has been sent to Mr. Alfred Monaghan, another Volunteer organiser, who has been working in Co. Galway.
A Press Association telegram says that these organisers have been given an option to reside in specified English towns. If they comply with the order, it is understood that the prosecutions against them will be withdrawn.