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The Bridge of Sighs – Galway – 1828

Freeman’s Journal, 10th September, 1828 p.2 (abridged)

The bridge of sighs
The Bridge of Sighs, Venice Wikimedia Commons

The boats of Lough Corrib, not too well constructed in the first instance, are greatly injured by the yearly practice of dragging them through the town from the lake to the bog at the time of the herring fishery. This extraordinary and most dangerous exertion of these poor people would be rendered unnecessary by a short Canal, which would be of incalculable benefit to the town and county of Galway; but will it be believed that the proprietors of the town fear it would be of too great service to their country neighbours. They neglect this splendid improvement, whilst they have laid out an enormous sum on a bridge so low as to obstruct the water passage, but which has in face of it a most beautiful gaol, with gallows resembling the portcullis of a fortification, and somewhat reminding us of the bridge of sighs at Venice.



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