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Hallow E’en – 1893

Irish Examiner 2nd December, 1893 p.12

"Banshee" by W.H. Brooke Wikimedia Commons
“Banshee” by W.H. Brooke
Wikimedia Commons

Hallow E’en
by J. Lenehan

‘Tis Hallow E’en, ‘Tis Hallow E’en,
What memories the night revives
Of many a face and many a scene,
Bright oases throughout our lives.
A father’s stern, though mild rebuke,
Should youthful ardour run too high;
A gentle mother’s smiling look
Surveying our fun with loving eye.
The grass above their graves is green,
God rest their souls this Hallow E’en.

And whilst the whirling apple flew,
In spite of our vain endeavour,
And whilst the candle far more true,
Successful was in kissing over,
And whilst the pinioned diver plunged
For smallest coin with miser’s eye.
And grate with roasting nuts was fringed,
For lover swain and cailín coy
We ne’er forgot when fun was o’er
The prayer for those who’d gone before.

And Hallow E’En may come, may go,
And Time, the soother of all sorrow,
May even change our locks to snow,
E’er comes for us the “no tomorrow.”
But be it late, or be it soon,
At home, abroad, no matter where
Kind heaven, I pray thee, grant the boon
That I may have some friend still there
To say when Hallow comes again,
“God rest his soul this Hallow E’en.

November 1st, 1893



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