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Song of a Clare Exile – 1845

Nation 23rd August, 1845 p. 11

Mullaghmore, Burren County Clare Photo: EO'D
Mullaghmore, Burren
County Clare
Photo: EO’D

Air; The Irish Maiden’s Song

My home farewell for ever,
Where my affections grew,
In spite of each endeavour
My soul flies back to you;
Retracing mount and valley,
That I crossed in vain despair –
Oh! how it loves to dally
Among the hills of Clare.

I wooed a maid – a brighter
Was not those hills among;
I won her heart – a lighter
Ne’er joined the happy throng.
I go, my heart is broken,
Another land to try
Nor kindly word nor token
From her I loved, have I.

August 11, 1844