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Seizures for rent – Kinvara – 1910

Connacht Tribune 16th July, 1910 p.10

Low Tide, Kinvara Photo: Norma Scheibe
Low Tide, Kinvara
Photo: Norma Scheibe

Mr Duffy asked the Chief Secretary whether he was aware that seizures for rent have taken place with the past week in the town of Kinvara; whether the Sharpe estate, on which the seizures have taken place, is at present being sold to the agricultural tenants; and whether he will advise the Estates Commissioners to include the Town Tenants in the general settlement of the property:

Mr Birrell:
I am informed by the police authorities that seizures for rent were made last week in the case of two publicans in Kinvara. The Estates Commissioners cannot identify the estate referred to in the question as pending for sale before them.