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Halloween – Kinvara – 1990

Connacht Tribune 9th November, 1990 p.15Kinvara 1939
Kinvara was thronged with 600 adult spectators and several hundred children for the Halloween Ghost Parade through the streets last Wednesday night (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.). The full moon shone in all its lunar splendor throughout the spectacle.
A large number of costumed adults took part in the colourful parade which commenced outside the national school, proceeded down Main Street (Sráid na Phooka), and Locoal-Mendon Street and arrived at the quay.
Five mysterious people suitably disguised (Toddie Byrne, Paddy Geraghty, Paddy Ward, Pam Fleming and Stan MacEoin) accompanied the parade. At Locoal-Mendon corner there was a fire eating demonstration by Padraig Breathnach, assisted by Little John Nee of Macnas.
The fantastic scenario at the Quay featured three witches, three leprechauns, a horse led by a headless man, four Fir Bolgs twelve feet tall, a caterpillar and mermaid. The Macnas five piece band provided delightful drum rolls for the antics and acts of the characters.
Sweets (1,650 penny sweets in all), nuts (countless) and fruit by the score were distributed free to the children. The Town Crier, Jeff O’Connell, gave out the commands and comments.
For the visitors to Kinvara on the night the whole show was memorable. It was a credit to the local Community Arts Officer, Pam Fleming.