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Kinvara – 1959

Connact Sentinel 13th October, 1959 p.1

Leech's Kinvara Photo: EO'D
Leech’s Kinvara
Photo: EO’D

A New Zealand holiday party in Ireland during the summer had a chat with Mr. Ml. Leech of Kinvara, who gave them information about the district and about North Clare into which they were then travelling. The holiday makers then went on their way. Now Mr. Leech has their thanks in verse – in twenty lines of verse, penned by one of the party.  Here are the last four lines:

And gentle-voiced people with warm, friendly smile,
With strangers chat kindly should they idle a while.
Life’s unhurried, has meaning and peace that is rare,
In lovely Kinvara near lone County Clare.