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Kinvara – 1912

Connacht Tribune 17th August, 1912 p.2

Kinvara  Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

A large and most representative meeting of the people of Kinvara was held on Sunday week under the auspices of the United Irish League in the Temperance Hall, Kinvara. Mr Michael Curtain D.C., was voted to the chair. Amongst some of those present were;
Messrs. B.Quinn, D.C. B. Kilkelly, P. Hanlon, M. Melia,
P. Egan, M. Curtin D.C., J. Connor, P. Halvey, P. Cavanagh,
M. Killeen, J. Ballinger, J. Nilan, J. Cavanagh, D.C.
J. Forde, P. Tracy, B. Tannian, J. Hynes, J. Calnan
P. Calnan, T. Gill,  J. Keane, F. Lally, P. Linnane
Bartly Bermingham, E. Holland, P. Hynes.

The Committee unanimously expressed their strongest condemnation of the communication of the bogus meeting of the Kinvara traders which appeared in the “Tribune,” and which was evidently the work of an inveterate enemy of the National cause. The Chairman said he was glad to see such a large representation from all parts of the parish to lend a helping hand in the project initiated by the friends and well-wishers of their respected president, Mr. T.P.Corless, on Sunday last.   The branch would have started the project months ago if their president allowed them, and they were determined to leave no stone unturned until they would show him and their country at large that they were not unmindful of the invaluable services he had rendered his native parish, nor of the many sacrifices he had made on their behalf, and for the sake of the National cause. They were determined to show their practical appreciation of his work as a Nationalist by making the indemnity fund a great success, and they appealed to their fellow Nationalists in outside parishes to lend them a hand.

Downtown Kinvara Photo: EO'D
Downtown Kinvara
Photo: EO’D

Mr. Jas Cavanagh, D.C., moved that Mr. Bartly Bermingham, merchant, Kinvara, be elected hon. treasurer to the Indemnity Fund. Mr. John Callaghan, Caherglissaun, seconded, and it was carried unanimously. Mr. Edward Holland and Mr. Michael Connolly, Kinvara, were co-opted on the committee with power to add to their number. Mr. John Holland, Kinvara, was elected hon. sec. along with John Hynes, Killina. The following were appointed to solicit subscriptions through the parishes;

Kinvara Town;
M. Connolly
James Cavanagh
P. Hynes

Knockaculeen and Cregboy;
Michael Curtin D.C.
Martin Melia

Cloosh and Kinturla
P. Fahy
J. Kelly

Geeha and Aughnish;

Twilight in Tawnagh Photo: EO'D
Twilight in Tawnagh
Photo: EO’D

Michael Mahon
P. Egan
Martin Glynn
B. Curtin

John Keane
Michael Carty

Michael Fahy
T. Claherty
E. Hynes

New Line, Currenroo, Shanclogh, Carrownamadra;
P. Whelan
M. Kelly
M. Moran

Funshin and Trellick;

Doorus  Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

Joe Hynes
Pat Halvey
John Connor
John Carroll
P. Curtin

Moy and Gortskeagh;
Tom Gorman
Pat Healy
Bartly Quinn

Cappamore and Gortnaclogh
Michael Donohoe
John Flaherty
M. Quinn

Newtown, Boherbee, Cappacasheen;
Jas Cavanagh D.C.
J. Nilan
M. Killeen
P. Cavanagh
J. Ballinger

Ballybuck and Killina and Cahercon;

The Burren, and beyond Photo: EO'D
The Burren, and beyond
Photo: EO’D

P. Tracey
B. Tannian
J. Hynes
Jem Joyce
Martin Lynch

Caherglissaun and Carrowmore (Ardrahan)
P. Calnan
J. McNerney
Joe Forde
John Glynn

Cahervoneen, Poulnevia and Cahermore;
P. Lenane
J. Keane
T. Gill
J. Helebert
F. Lally

Loughcurra, Cloonsee, Dungora and Cartron;
Patrick Hynes
Pat Calnan
T. Keane
D. Hanlon.

The following subscriptions were handed in at meeting;
£1 each, John Hynes, John Callanan, Pat Cavanagh (Newtown), Bartly Bermingham, Edward Holand, James Cavanagh, D.C.
10s each – Michael Curtin, D.C.; B. Quinn D.C.
5s each – Martin Melia, Pat Hanlon, P. Hynes, T. Tracey etc.



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