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The Floating Hospital – 1874

Liffey Bridge Wikimedia Commons
Liffey Bridge
Wikimedia Commons

Freeman’s Journal 7th February, 1874


The Daily Express thus describes the Floating Hospital for Dublin which has been built by Messrs. Walpole, Webb, and Bewley, and which was launched on Saturday, November 8:

‘ The vessel, which has been, built in about the space of six weeks, is of rectangular shape, fifty- seven feet in length overall and twenty-eight feet broad. It is simple in appearance, very substantially built, and well suited to its purpose. A broad ladder is fastened to one end of the deck, which can be let down when required for the admission of patients. Another broad staircase leads from the deck, or, so to speak, the roof of the hospital, to the wards below, of which there are three, the vessel being divided into three compartments, which, by means of sliding doors, can be completely shut off from each other, if necessary. Each ward hold six beds, and might be made to hold more. There is at one end a kitchen and a nurses’ room. At the other is the surgery. The sides are devoted to stores and to various other minor details of construction. The height from the floor of the wards to the skylight, which runs along the centre of the upper deck or roof, is ten feet six inches. The general look of the floating hospital is cheerful and lightsome.



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