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Cliffs of Moher – 1918

The crew of a German UC-1 class submarine on deck.  wikimedia commons
The crew of a German UC-1 class submarine on deck.
wikimedia commons

The Advertiser 30th May, 1918


MAROONED (abridged)
The Cork correspondent of the “Daily Chronicle” gives details of the arrest of a man who was put ashore from a German submarine and who is now in the Tower of London awaiting a court martial.

On April 13 near the cliffs of Moher, County Clare two fishermen noticed a man on a barren islet waving a handkerchief violently. When rowed ashore he said his name was O’Brien, and he was the survivor of a torpedoed ship. After he had been provided with food and clothing the authorities became suspicious. O’Brien was arrested and the police soon found that the torpedoing story was untrue. He had a good deal of English silver in his pockets. Moreover, a collapsible boat was found wrecked near the cliffs at Moher. Evidently the spy had landed on the islet at night, mistaking it for the mainland. He endeavored to destroy the boat and only discovered at daylight that he had marooned himself.



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