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Craughwell – 1912

Model T Ford - 1908 Wikimedia Commons
Model T Ford – 1908
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The Arrow 20th July 1912

COUNTY GALWAY  (abridged)

An amazing story of life at County Galway was told at the trial in Dublin last month of five men, Patrick Callanan, Michael Furey, Denis Kearns, Martin Moran, and Thomas Brennan, who were charged with shooting with intent.

The Solicitor-General said thirteen men were coming from Loughrea, in Galway. after attending a meeting of the Executive of the United Irish League, on the evening of January 21. At Craughwell they were fired upon by a party who were concealed. When passing William Furey’s house, which was about one mile from Craughwell, a FUSILLADE WAS OPENED ON THEM, and nothing but a miracle saved them from being killed.

There were fourteen men and one girl on three cars. At six o’clock on this even ing the prisoners were assembled in William Furey’s house. The occupants of the cars were singing, and the prisoners were perfectly aware who they were. When the second car got opposite William Furey’s between fifteen and twenty shots were fired at the occupants. John Kane was driving, and beside him was John Linnane, who was able to identify the prisoners by the light of the two powerful lamps which each car carried. It must have been revolvers that were fired, but the aim was bad,

When the first volley was fired the second car turned round, with the result that the light of the lamps was cast on the faces of the prisoners.  These men wore no masks, but committed this outrage without disguise.  Kane’s foot was struck with a revolver bullet and a bullet also passed through the step of the second car.

Mr. Justice Boyd, in the course of his charge to the jury, said he was amazed at the evidence that had been given.

The jury found the prisoners ‘Not guilty.’  Mr. Justice Boyd said, “I may say I thoroughly agree with the finding of the jury. I think probably they were there; I think probably they did what they ought not to have done; but on the whole facts of the case, as proved in evidence, I think the jury very wisely said ‘Not guilty.’