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The Rock of Cashel – 1848

The Rock of Cashel Wikimedia Commons
The Rock of Cashel
Wikimedia Commons

Sydney Chronicle 29th July 1848 p8
The Rock of Cashel
It is with much concern that we have received the intelligence of the fall of a portion of this time honored structure. On Wednesday last, at one o’clock, p. m., the tower, through which was the principal entrance, burst asunder, from top to bottom, and fell with a tremendous crash. Large masses of the building were precipitated down the hill to the very bottom. A crack had been perceived for many years in the tower, but no danger was apprehended. We regret to learn that much more of the noble fabric is in imminent danger and that its fall is certain unless active means be employed for its security. It would surely be a national disgrace if funds be not forthcoming to avert such a catstrophe of which not only antiquarians, but every Irishman, must deprecate the idea. The building fortunately still belongs to the See of Cashel, so that any works undertaken must be sanctioned by ecclesiastical authority.

There is said to be an old prophecy in Ireland. that when the Rock of Cashel falls, there will be a revolution in England.



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