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Gleninsheen Gold – 1934

Gleninsheen Gorget
Gleninsheen Gorget

The Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser 9th April, 1934 p4


MADE 2500 YEARS AGO. (abridged)

A collar of pure gold which is believed to have been made about 700 B.C., has been found at Burren, County Clare, says the ‘Manchester Guardian.’  The discoverer was a local farmer who noticed it glittering in a cleft of rock.  The National Museum has claimed it as a treasure trove. Dr. Mahr, Keeper of Irish Antiquities in the National Museum,  has confirmed the belief of its antiquity.

The type is well known, he said in an interview, and four similar ones are in the museum. Three were found in the area through which the Shannon flows.  A fourth, like the one now discovered at Burren, has circular bosses and is believed to have been found in Armagh. Two collar’s containing bosses were found in the Rhine, near Worms, and these had probably been exported from Ireland in the middle of the last millennium B.C.

The Burren collar, or gorget, Dr. Mahr said, was the most beautiful find in Clare within the last thirty or forty years. Clare is famous for discovery.  When the Limerick Ennis railway was being constructed in 1854 a large hoard was found near a stone fort at Megane, Ballykilty, Quin.   Laborers removing a stone which was in their way uncovered a number of gold articles weighing about 160 ounces underneath. ‘Unfortunately, there was nobody to advise them,’ Dr. Mahr said, ‘as to how they should dispose of the articles, and they were mostly bought by local jewellers and melted down, to the great loss of Irish archaeology and kindred studies.’

Only thirteen of the articles reached the museum in Dublin, while about two dozen went to the British Museum.



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