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Kinvara – 1909

Connacht Tribune 13th November, 1909 p7

The Green Road, Kinvara Photo: EO'D
The Green Road, Kinvara
Photo: EO’D

A large and enthusiastic meeting of the people of Kinvara was held on Sunday last under the presidency of Rev. Thomas Burke P.P, for the purpose of forming a branch of the Town Tenants League. The following were amongst those present;
Messrs Arthur O’Dea
Thomas O’Halloran
Patrick J Flatley
Bartley Bermingham
William R Flatley
Thomas Green (hotel)
Fred. J. Johnston
Michael Corless
Augustus Johnston
Thomas Leetch
James Davenport
John McMahon
Patrick Winkle
Edward Holland
John Fahy
Patrick Whelan
Michael Howard
Thos P. Corless

Correspondence was submitted from J Coghlan Briscoe Esq. T.C. Secretary Town Tenants Exec., Dublin after which a working committee and officers were elected as follows;
President; Rev. Thomas Burke P.P.
Chairman;Thomas P Corless D.C.
Hon Treas; Thomas O’Halloran
Hon Sec; Arthur O’Dea
Augustus Johnston
Michael Corless
Michael Connolly
Patrick Flatley
Thomas Green
William R Flatley
Fred J Johnston
Edward Holland
Bartley Bermingham

Representative on Central Executive – Thos P. Corless D.C.
Representative on County Committee Thomas Green and Thomas P. Corless

A sum of £3 was forwarded to the Town Tenants Executive as affiliation fee. The next meeting of the branch will be held on Sunday November 14th and the first Sunday in each month afterwards. Rev Father Burke P.P has written to Messrs Kirwan, Tuam, agents on the Sharpe estate demanding a reduction of 50 per cent on all rents now due. The tenants are determined to pay no rent until their just demand is conceded. The Kinvara town tenants are the most rack-rented in the west and have not been allowed any abatement in their rent since the present owners purchased the property, notwithstanding the way the trade of the town has fallen and the wretched condition of the houses.



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