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Seamount – Kinvara – 1916

The Catholic Press 31st August, 1916 p.9

April in Kinvara Photo: EO'D
April in Kinvara
Photo: EO’D

“We, the priests of the Diocese of Kilmacduagh, have heard with amazement of an outrage perpetrated against the Convent of Mercy and community, Kinvara on Sunday, June 4, by the police, who said they came to search the convent for rebels. We enter our solemn protest against their search of the convent, and we say that the search, and the manner in which that search was made, was a gross outrage on religion and an uncalled for indignity and insult to the Sisters.
Catholics well know that religious Sisters never harbour strangers or externs in their convent, and that the sisters’ cells are privileged, no strangers being allowed to enter them. This immunity was violated by the police and the manner in which the cells were searched was equally offensive to manliness and common decency.”