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The Galway chase – 1932

Galway Bay
View over Galway Bay Acrylic on canvas EO’D

The Advertiser 22nd November, 1932 p5
A woman in a motor boat chased and caught a 16,000 ton liner off the Irish coast recently. She had travelled more than 100 miles to do it. She had intended to board the east-bound Hamburg-America boat, Milwaukee, at Galway, but owing to two days of dirty weather, with the prospect of more to come, the captain had decided to cut out the Galway call and go on to Queenstown.

When the intending woman passenger, a Miss Ward, heard of this change, she left Galway by car for Queenstown. She arrived there, after a night ride, to find that the tender had already left to meet the Milwaukee. Miss Ward chartered a motor boat. The liner was now steaming off for Hamburg. Miss Ward made signals, which were seen by the Milwaukee’s captain from the bridge. Captain Molchin stopped his vessel and had a ladder lowered. Miss Ward climbed triumphantly up the liner’s side.