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August 1916

The Catholic Press 31st August, 1916 p.16

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

In reply to an inquiry from Dublin, a letter has been received from the joint secretary to the advisory committee dealing with the cases of Irish prisoners in England to hear representations showing why certain prisoners at Frongoch should be released. No counsel or solicitors would be heard as advocates.
The London correspondent of the “Manchester Guardian” regards as serious the announcement that 1,600 Irishmen are being interned for the period of the war, and says that English solicitors are busy with regard to a number of the cases. He adds that the Government would be well advised to announce the steps that interned persons or their friends can take to secure an adequate hearing before the advisory committee.

In reply to Mr. Ginnel yesterday, Mr. Tennant said that, according to the latest information in the possessions of the Home Office, 125 persons were now undergoing penal servitude in connection with the recent rebellion. The Government had not considered the advisability of treating them as prisoners of war.