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The Ranger – Galway – 1914

Tuam Herald 7th February, 1914 p.4 (abridged)

Map of walled city of Galway, Ireland of 1651. {{PD}} Original art work of 1651. This engraved and reduced copy of the original made for James Hardiman’s History of Galway by T Nolan dated 1820.

The soldiers in Galway have a journal to themselves. “The Ranger” has just been published and contains a large quantity of matter which must prove of great interest to the members of the famous Connaught Rangers.  The Editor states that for a long time a consensus of opinion was felt that the magazine should be printed in Ireland, and with this in view the Editor called for quotations from houses in Dublin and Galway, with the result that the contract was entrusted to the Galway Express Co., Ltd., Eyre Square, Galway, and the present number is the first which has ever been printed in Galway.



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