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New Quay – 1933

Connacht Tribune 27th May, 1933 p.6 (abridged)

New Quay, County Clare Wikimedia Commons
New Quay, County Clare
Wikimedia Commons

No progressive or prideful village, however small it may seem to those who do not live in it, likes to be isolated from the main stream of traffic. Yet this is what will happen to the village of New Quay if the present scheme of steamrolling the road between the bridge at Currenroo on the Clare border and Ballyvaughan is persisted in. For the purpose of saving six hundred yards, it is proposed to make what would be virtually a new road through the Ballaghdhine boreen, once made by Barton Bindon for the purpose of watering his horses. Thus the level road to New Quay would be altogether ignored and traffic would be diverted from a village which is a fishing and seaside resort. It is obvious that little saving could be effected by the alternative road, for, inasmuch as the New Quay highway would still have to be maintained at the public expense, an additional stretch would be added to maintenance costs. Moreover, there are a number of ratepayers interested on the New Quay road, whereas there are one on the proposed new thoroughfare. In all the circumstances, it would seem that the wisest, if not the only, course would be to follow the line of the old road which possesses the added convenience of a post office and public telephone service – often a matter of importance on a lonely highway.



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