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The Burren – 1829

Freemans Journal 26th February, 1829 p.3

The Burren Photo: Norma Scheibe
The Burren
Photo: Norma Scheibe

The Burren (county Clare) mountains blazed from one extremity to the other a few nights ago, in consequence of a rumour having reached the people’s ears that Mr. O’Connell M.P. had taken his seat. On the bonfires being discerned by the county of Galway peasantry, they immediately followed the example in almost every village, and along the roads. Nothing can equal the intense interest, the laudable anxiety of every class of persons. Two persons cannot speak together for five minutes without alluding in one way or another to Mr. Connell, the Catholics, Wellington, Anglesey, Peel or the Brunswickers. The latter infatuated miscreants are breaking the peace for spite, and God knows we do not think that if they all broke their necks into the bargain, the country would be anything the worse of the accident.

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