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Curranrue – 1831

Kerry Evening Post 4th May, 1831 p.2 (abridged)

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

We have just received the account of one of the Terry Alt party being shot at Curranrue. The particulars, as have been related to us, are as follows;
A party of the 28th regiment were out on patrol on Saturday night, the Officer behind his party.  A country man, who was behind a wall, presented a musket at him and endeavoured to fire, but burned priming. Two of the party, who formed the rear guard, immediately fired, and this daring ruffian was shot on the spot. He had an elegant musket with him.

The Terry Alts were one of a number of secret societies operating during the 18th Century.  They were involved in agrarian agitation in pre-Famine Ireland. The heartland of the Terry Alts was County Clare. The “Whiteboys”, “Oakboys”, “Rockites”, and “Ribbonmen” were other such societies.