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One morning – 1887

Cork Examiner 8th October, 1887

Forget-me-not Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

One morning when the earth was new
And rainbow-tinted lay the dew,
The Father came.
Upon his waiting flows he cast
A gentle glance, and as he passed,
Gave each a name.

The twilight deepening as before
He walked among his flowers once more
And asked each one
What name apart from all the rest
He gave, its faithfulness to test
When day begun.

The aster, columbine and rose
All answered – every flower that grows
In field or wood,
Save one wee blossom from whose eyes
Shone back the colour of the skies,
That silent stood.

The flowers were still, “I love thee so!”
She said, then trembling, withered low,
“Yet I forget!”
“Dear child, thy name thou may’st forget
And be forgiven – only yet
Forget “Me Not.”