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For sale – County Galway – 1850

View from Dún Aengus, Inishmore
View from Dún Aengus,

Freemans Journal 5th December, 1850 p3 (abridged)

Irish Encumbered Estates Commission
The proceedings under this commission are still in full operation, and the list already published contains some of the most picturesque portions of the country. The county of Galway has a large share in these sales, and numbers many a beautiful range of lake and mountain, with a fine sea view. In some instances upwards of 100 islands will form part of the purchase. No less than 100 sales are now in prospect. An office entitled ‘Allnutt’s registrations offices,’ has been established in Grafton Street, Dublin for the purpose of extending the facilities of vendors and purchasers and as a medium to obtain tenants.

This is under the superintendence of an English Engineer, who has been employed for four years past in Government works. Agents are also employed in England and Scotland to forward communications to or from capitalists wishing to become purchasers. From this office, a monthly list issues.

It is to be hoped that a new era is opening for ‘ould Ireland’, that her picturesque features may be known and appreciated either by her own sons or by those who will give her productive soil a chance of redeeming itself from the dark cloud of penury which has so long and so unjustly hung over it.