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Tyrone Estate – 1910

Tyrone House home of St. George family Photo: Tom Cosgrove Creative Commons
Tyrone House
home of St. George family
Photo: Tom Cosgrove
Creative Commons

Freeman’s Journal 17th March, 1910 p14

Through the exertions of the Most Rev. Dr. O’Dea, Bishop of Galway, and the Rev. Miohael Walsh.. P.P., Ballinderreen, Kilcolgan, the trouble on the Tyrone estate is at last practically at an end. There are close upon two hundred holdings in the vicinity of the Tyrone estate, and in about 70 per cent, the rent ranges from £1 to £8. The ‘acreage’ of the farms is in many cases little more than one acre, and in no case larger than twenty.

The land allotted to the tenants is full of rock, an held in rundale. Although the tenants had entered the Land Court, the rents are still exorbitant. Under these circumstances the people were forced into a vigorous agitation. Experience has taught them that nothing but agitation would win for them the right to live as every human being is entitled to live, in peace and – in their own land.

Under the settlement which has just been arrived at, 400 acres of grass land on the Tyrone farm; the property of Mrs. St. George and Mrs. Concannon, together with the Drumcoo and Killeenarin farms are to be handed over to the Estates Commissioners. The tenants have agreed to pay a year’s, rent down on the understanding that a half year’s rent is remitted, and they will get a general reduction of 4s in the £. First term tenants are to get a reduction of 6s in the £, and the game rights are to be reserved to the tenants..