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Kinvarra Harbour – 1905

Kinvarra Harbour Cresswell Archives.
Kinvarra Harbour
Cresswell Archives.

Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland
Seventy-fourth Annual Report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ieland, with appendices for 1905-1906
2nd Ed. VII., c 24 p8
Since our last Report the only additional work taken in hands under the Marine Works Act, was that at Kinvarra, County Galway. The marine work at this place, comprising the restoration of the pier and wharf walls, together with a new storm wall and other minor improvements, was certified by Their Excellencies the Lords Justices under the Act in July 1905. It was put in hands at once under the direction of the Board’s own officers, and it has been satisfactorily completed since the close of the financial year.