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O’Carolan’s chair – 1917

Irish Independent 31st October, 1917. p5 (abridged)

Portrait of Turlough O’Carolan, from R. B. Armstrong The Irish and Highland Harps, Edinburgh, David Douglas, 1904. Wikimedia Commons

The Chair of Carolin,  the last of the Irish Bards, is on loan to the Kildare Street Museum, courtesy of Capt. The MacDermot Roe (Lord of Moyburg). Interest in this ancient relic rests on the fact that it was the favourite chair of the Bard, and it was on this chair he sat, composed and played airs that delighted and pleased  lovers of old Irish music. Carolin’s greatest pleasure was when he stayed at Alderford, the seat of the MacDermot Roe family, in the Co. of Roscommon, where kindness and hospitality were always lavished upon him. He died at Alderford nearly 200 years ago. Over the dismantled gateway of the ancient Church of Killrenan rests a tablet bearing an inscription to this Bard, who was interred in the vault of the MacDermot Roe family.



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