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Galway – 1947

Irish Examiner 3rd September, 1847 p.1

Salthill Galway
Salthill, Galway The National Archives of Ireland

Tuam, August, 27, 1847
Dear Sir,
When your kind invitation to the Galway dinner,in honour of the triumphant candidates for Repeal, reached me, I could not either attend or send my apology. This I regretted much, sympathising most cordially with the object of the festivity.
You will not, then, I am sure, put my silence to the account of indifference to the respected invitation with which I have been honoured by the patriotic men of Galway. Had I been at home, I should have made an effort to be present on the interesting occasion, both to show my respect for the individuals returned, and my zeal for the cause which they personified.
The town has made some atonement for the shameful apathy with which the enemies of Ireland’s only chance of prosperity, were permitted to walk over the course in the county of Galway. They may thank the more sacred duties that entirely absorb the attention of those who would not have been indifferent to the calls of their country for the protection of a native legislature. However, before the recurrence of a similar period, it is well that candidates should be impressed with the conviction that they can entertain no hope of representing Galway, unless they associate themselves with the noble national phalanx, who have proved that Repeal, far from being a chimera, is one of those lofty, enduring, and growing aspirations, which cannot be appeased except by the enjoyment of that legitimate freedom for which it is panting.
Believe me, my dear Sir, your very faithful servant,
John Archbishop of Tuam.
Martin Geoghegan, Esq., & c., High Street, Galway.



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