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Ailwee – 1925

Irish Independent 19th October, 1925 p.2 (abridged)

Waterfall, Ailwee Caves Photo: Marvin Vells Wikimedia Commons

Latest details of the important mineral discovery in Clare disclose that phosphate was first found in lead by Mr.Comyn about 8 years ago, in the old silver mine at Ailwee, Burren.  After extensive prospecting work the phosphate bed was located between two layers of shale on the same ridge of hills which contained the Ailwee mine.  The bed extended originally as far as the line near the Galway border but half of it has been scraped away by glacial action.

Mr. Comyn has acquired the mining rights and has opened the mines. Pending the arrival of machinery to crush the rock, the powdered phosphate on the margin is worked. At the invitation of Mr. Comyn the Department sent an eminent geologist, Mr. Farrington, to examine the deposit.  The Department points out that the report of the interview with reference to the discovery in Saturday’s “Irish Independent” is inaccurate as far as the allusion to mining rights is concerned, as no reference to this subject was made.



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