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Galway whale – 1877

Kerry Evening Post 31st January, 1877 p.2 (abridged)

"The Finback" (Balaenoptera  physalus) from Charles Melville Scammon's Marine mammals of the western coast of North America (1874)
“The Finback” (Balaenoptera physalus)
from Charles Melville Scammon’s
Marine mammals of the western coast of North America (1874)

The Galway Express reports that a whale was got dead out at the sea on Friday night by a Claddagh man named John Donohoe; he gaffed and strung it to his boat, with the aid of another small boat’s crew. The night was extremely stormy and they got much knocking about, but succeeded in towing it in. It is a rather small fin-whale, about twenty-five feet long, and from three and a half to four tons weight. The blubber has been cut off, and is valued for about £40, a rather handsome booty.



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