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Mr. Bartley Hynes – 1901

Tuam Herald 28th September, 1901 p.4

Donkey and Cart, Kinvara c.1950 Cresswell Archives
Donkey and Cart,
Kinvara c.1950
Cresswell Archives

A large and representative meeting of the Gort District Council and Board of Guardians was held on Saturday at which the following resolution was proposed by Mr. Michael Mitchell D.C. and seconded by Mr. M O’Donohoe, D.C.;
That we, the members of the Gort District Council, beg to congratulate Messrs J.W.Brady Murray, J.P. and J.W. French, J.P.(chairman of Galway District Council) for having the courage of their convictions in attending at great personal inconvenience the Kinvarra Petty Sessions and refusing to be a party to the successful attempt made to penalise the Irish language by the recent prosecution of Bartley Hynes for having his name in Irish characters on his cart, and we hope as a result of this prosecution, thousands will follow.
That copies of this resolution be sent to J.W.Brady Murray J.P; J.W.French J.P; the Galway County Council, the Gaelic League, the “Irish Daily Independent and Nation,” and the “Freeman’s Journal.” The resolution was strongly supported by the Ven. Archdeacon Daly M.A. who said it was the greatest pity to let the Irish language die out; every country had its own language – the Welsh had their own language, and every Irishman should have his and not be ashamed of it.

T.P. Corless D.C. followed in support of the resolution, and expressed a hope that in future a preference of appointments in the Gort Union be given to those who would speak the Irish language and not be ashamed of it. The resolution was carried amid loud applause, some of which was expressed in Irish.