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Galway to Halifax – 1853

Nenagh Guardian 6th July, 1853 p4

1854 stamps of the Electric Telegraph Company. Wikimedia Commons

Arrangements are far advanced towards completion for laying down a submarine telegraph between the United Kingdom and America. It is intended to connect the two countries, or rather, the Old and New Worlds by means of Galway and Halifax, those being the two nearest points of communication. The distance is about 1,600 miles. The perfect practicability of the thing has been guaranteed under the hand of nearly all the eminent engineers of the day, and various parties have sent in estimates for the execution of the work. These estimates vary from £800,000 down to £300,000 and it is a remarkable fact that some of the lowest estimates have been sent in by some of the most respectable firms in the country. When this extraordinary project has been carried out, we shall be able in half an hour to send messages from London to New York, and receive messages from the United States in about half an hour. And not, we ought to add, from New York alone, but from the interior of America, the electric telegraph being laid down for upwards of 2,000 miles up the country.