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Resolutions – Galway – 1782

Freemans Journal 20th April, 1782 p3 (abridged)

 Blessing of the Colours  John Lavery, 1922. Wikimedia Commons

Blessing of the Colours
John Lavery, 1922.
Wikimedia Commons

At a full meeting of the Grand Jury, Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of Galway assembled pursuant to public notice from the High Sheriff at the County Hall in Galway on the 31st of March, 1782. The following resolutions were unanimously entered into;
That a seat in Parliament was never intended by our constitution as an instrument of emolument to individuals and that the representative who perverts it to such a purpose (particularly at so momentous a period as the present), is guilty of betraying the trust reposed in him by the people for their, not HIS benefit.
That the people who could tamely behold their suffrages made the tool of private avarice or ambition are still more criminal than the venal representative as they become the panders without even the wages of prostitution.
That we do hereby solemnly pledge ourselves to each other and to our country by every tie of honour and religion which can be binding on man, that as our sacred duty which we owe to the community supercedes all ties and obligations to individuals.

It is time for the people to look to themselves and in great national questions to assert their right to control those who owe their political existence to their breath and may be annihilated by their displeasure.



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