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The brave men of Ballinderreen – 1910

Connacht Tribune 16th April, 1910 p4

JohnBlakeDillon Published in Michael Doheny, "The Felon's Track" M H Gill & Son, Dublin, 1920  Project Gutenberg
Published in Michael Doheny, “The Felon’s Track” M H Gill & Son, Dublin, 1920
Project Gutenberg

If the people emulate the example of the brave men of Ballinderreen, by keeping their counsels to themselves, and giving no quarter to traitors, the days of landlord rule and rent office truculence are numbered in the district. The descendants of the men of Kinvara and Duras who, in the days of the 1848 Movement, shielded John Blake Dillon from the Government of the day, when a huge price was offered for his apprehension, and carried him away in triumph to an Atlantic liner bound for the “land of the free,” are surely not going to falter in the most supreme crisis in the history of the country.

The meeting will be addressed by Messrs Wm. J. Duffy; John Roche, M.P. Coghlan Briscoe; C.W. Cogan; Rev. B. Corcoran C.C. and several well-knownn public speakers. Mr C.W. Cogan, U.I.L. organiser has visited all the districts and organised immense contingents for the meeting. The Rev. Martin Keeley, C.C. has consented to preside. The chair will be taken at 1.30 pm sharp. Mr Thomas P. Corless, the indefatigable and energetic secretary and organiser of the meeting, has spared neither time nor trouble to make it a great success. The names of the different contingents should be handed in to the secretary early.