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Burren Flowers – 1862

Freeman’s Journal 29th April, 1862 p.3 (abridged)

Kinvara, Gateway to the Burren. Photo: BO'Donnell
Kinvara, Gateway to the Burren.
Photo: BO’Donnell

A general meeting of the Royal Irish Academy was held last evening during which Mr F. J. Foot read a paper on the botanical peculiarities of the Burren district, County Clare, illustrated by a botanical map.
He stated that many rare plants grow in great abundance in localities quite different from those usually known as their habitation. He was much struck by this while engaged in a geographical survey in that part of the country. The abnormal position of these plants was alluded to in a very able paper read by Rev. Mr O’Mahony before the meeting of the British Association in Dublin.
Although the barony of Burren was composed chiefly of carboniferous limestone, which sometimes rose in hills 1,000 feet above the level of the sea, the soil nourished plants of a rare and beautiful character. Mr Foot alluded to the peculiarities of the plants, some of which were remarkable for a fresh and beautiful foliage. Handsome drawings of them were exhibited.
A Member inquired whether these plants were scattered over Ireland at large, or whether they were peculiar to the west? There were many such plants as those alluded to by Mr Foot found in Portugal.