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The fairs of Athenry, Gort … 1840

Connaught Journal

Photo; Jacquie Wingate from Recovery, U.S.A.  Creative Commons
Photo; Jacquie Wingate from Recovery, U.S.A.
Creative Commons

14th May, 1840 (abridged)

The Fairs of Athenry, Gort, Tuam and Headford have been held during the present and past week, and have been well attended by purchasers. Horned Cattle, especially heifers and milch cows fully maintained the prices had at previous Fairs. Pigs still continue in demand, but a great depression in the price of sheep.

Thanks to the moral influence of the Apostle of Temperance, the Very Rev. T. Mathew, sobriety and good order pervades thro’ all classes of societies. Those Fairs, formerly the scenes of contention and sanguinary outrage, where parties assailed each other with the most brutal and murderous intent, now happily pass off most tranquilly without the least disturbance or breach of the peace. What a great and exemplary Christian Clergyman effected in the habits and dispositions of the Irish people.



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