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Unlawful arrest – 1823

Galway Gaol Photo:
Galway Gaol

Connaught Journal
5th May, 1823

To the Editor of the Connaught Journal
I beg leave, through the medium of your valuable and independent Paper, to reply to a paragraph that appeared in the Advertiser of Saturday last, tending to traduce my character. On Friday last, at about nine o’clock, I had been hurried to the Town Gaol by order of the Mayor, without his making a single inquiry relative to my business, or reference in Galway. This, without the liberty of vindicating myself from even suspicion, and unconscious of a crime, I had to remain in prison until Saturday morning, about twelve o’clock, when I had been liberated on the satisfactory proof of the legality of my visit to Galway.

The assertion in the latter part of the paragraph is erroneous. I had been arraigned for Ribbonism, but my acquittal, without prosecution, in this town, is a proof of my innocence on the occasion; and in further support of my conduct and reputation, I have taken legal advice in seeking redress for so wanton an attempt on my character, and outrage on my body.

John B
Galway, May 5, 1822