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The Titanic Disaster – 1912

"RMS Titanic 3" Photo: F.G.O. Stuart (1843-1923)  Wikimedia Commons
“RMS Titanic 3”
Photo: F.G.O. Stuart (1843-1923)
Wikimedia Commons

The Clare Journal, 22nd April 1912

Young Clare Man Lost
A telegram received in Ennis during the week confirmed the worst fears that had been entertained as to the safety of a young man named Martin McMahon, from the Craigbrien district, about five miles from Ennis. It was known that he was a passenger on the ill fated boat, and though his name did not appear in the list of survivors, it was hoped he might have been rescued, but it is now definitely stated he has been lost. He was a fine athletic young man and very popular in his native district.
It is said that some West Clare people were on board, but our enquiries failed to trace their names and addresses.