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Pay the Porter – 1823

Connaught Journal 5th June 1823

Photo:  Jonathunder Creative Commons .
Photo: Jonathunder
Creative Commons .

I beg through the medium of your valuable print to direct the public
attention to the wretched state of those poor creatures that are sent to the Fever Hospital. You are aware that in consequence of the rapid decrease of Typhus in this Town, or, rather (thank God) its total absence at present, the porters employed to convey patients to the Hospital have been dismissed.

Of course, those unfortunate persons that may be yet attacked will not be taken out without paying those porters themselves. They are charged 1s 8d and we know that many of them would expire from want and sickness before they could make up even this trifling sum.

I speak of what has come under my own view. Yesterday a poor woman was taken ill of the Fever; she was ordered to pay the porters. She would not be moved from the bed of sickness but for the humanity of a few individuals who paid for conveying her thither.

The cases at present are few. The Town has seldom been so free from Fever; but even a few, when they have not the means of immediate or timely conveyance, might spread the disorder again amongst us.

During the prevalence of the typhus last year, the porters were paid, I believe, half-a-guinea a week out of the Funds of the Hospital. Now, as Providence has put an end to their weekly employment, they should still be paid, if possible, a reasonable sum out of the same Funds for each person they may carry in. There is a Chair belonging to the Establishment; and I should think 10d for each person conveyed thither by them would be a very ample allowance.

Your very obedient servant.



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